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A competitive tailormade pallet, at the right price

A patented innovation

The range of palcube®pallets:

  • Intrinsically hygienic
  • Totally recyclable
  • Lightweight (2 - 5 kg)
  • Ultra resistant: dynamic load bearing capacity of up to 1’500 kg (Pallet with 18 ipcubes)

also customizable Made to measure dimensions possible at no extra cost thanks to the modular ipcube® solution

Available in standard dimensions:

  • 1200x1000 ( US standard)
  • 1200x800 ( European standard)
  • 800x600 (Half pallet)
  • 600x400 (Quarter pallet)

Available in standard or specific dimensions
Pallet boxes composed of a palcube® pallet, a base collar attached to the pallet and additional, optional collars
Stackable: A stackcube® can support a stacked weight of over one tonne

Available in standard or specific dimensions
Pallet boxes composed of a base tray, ipcubes®,a carton outer wall and a lid
A simple and economical pallet box, 100% corrugated board
Outerwall delivered flat inside base tray

Available in standard dimensions (LxlxH : 130x105x100; 130x85x100)
Can enable a box or carton to be transported with a forklift, pallet jack or transpallet
Reinforce a pallet in case of heavier than planned load

  • PSA Glue (pressure sensitive adhesive), compatible with all substrate types(wood, plastic, carton,..)
  • Protection of 4 adhesive strips with silicone paper
  • Load bearing resistance of 400 kg per cube
  • Cube composed of corrugated cardboard(double flute) with Kraft paper outer layer providing excellent humidity resistance

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