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Why launch yet another corrugated pallet?

more than a pallet

A sustainable
and lean modular solution

The Ipcube journey commenced in reaction to a customer requirement.

“We were looking for a pallet that exactly matched our specifications (load, dimensions) and the market offering at the time was for standard pallets that were not suitable for the required use.

Having obtained a patent for the block design, we used it to create a custom pallet, with a made-to-measure deck.”

From the original “block plus deck” concept, we imagined a solution that would integrate on site to the client’s production such that modular corrugated pallets could be produced in situ, on demand and to the correct sizes.

An idea was born, a cost-effective innovation, a responsible commitment to reduce bulky storage of wooden pallets outside, to avoid time-consuming and costly management of rented or pooled pallets, to offer an alternative to the lengthy lead-times and transport issues of standard corrugated pallets.

To achieve this, we designed Ipcubemaker, including modules M1 and M2 in less than 30 m2, that customers can use on their own premises to produce corrugated pallets. The purpose of on-site production is not to become pallet makers; rather, to improve supply chain management, optimise production costs, increase flexibility, improve storage conditions and allow just-in-time.

In addition, we have accounted for the following key agenda items:

IPCUBE is a truly disruptive technology for the on-site production of corrugated pallets to custom dimensions that offers the following customer benefits:

IPCUBEMAKER : a French innovation with a world patent and prestigious awards

IPCUBE : more than a pallet, a talented team to support your lean, green supply chain

Learn more about how to integrate our product and service offering: please contact our sales and technical teams, who would be delighted support your implementation.

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